Let’s get to know each other

Hi there,


I'm Cherrelle


I live in beautiful Norfolk with my husband, we've been together almost 12 years, married 8. Along with our 5 year old daughter, Bonnie and our 2 year old daughter Ella.

Oh and our mad dog Trevor who is almost 10!

When I'm not photographing weddings or other families you can usually find me surrounded by princess dresses, train sets and Bluey episodes.

Being based in beautiful north-west Norfolk, I'm surrounded by woodlands and beaches which is perfect for the nature and outdoor lover in me. A huge passion of mine is exploring and travelling the world. I love the feels, smells, textures, colours and people of new places.

(check out some fun facts further down!)

I seek adventure wherever I can having travelled, often solo, to so many wonderful places including climbing the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and even dragging my husband to elope on a remote snowy fjord in the Arctic circle, Norway in -16 degrees...Magical!!

Super untraditional with no friends or family, madness!...but don't worry, we threw one hell of a party when we got back!

When I'm not dancing and singing along to my favourite dance track, drinking a peppermint tea or tending to my house plants, you will find me feasting on some of my favourite foods such as cypriot and turkish cuisine or a good old chinese takeaway.

Where did it all start?

After taking photos of my travels and then our travels and landscapes for years (just ask my poor husband).

I started photographing our first daughter to capture some of those early special memories.

Friends and family asked me to capture some of their special moments too, and it is here where my passion for relaxed, candid lifestyle photography grew.

From then on I knew that I wanted to keep storytelling, leading me into Weddings.

There is something so special about creating timeless memories for a couple to cherish forever.

Random things about me...

  • When I'm home it's all about the Hygge cosiness, peppermint tea and house plants.
  • Water calms & frees my mind - Pisces girl here!
  • Fan of a paddleboard and love walking along shorelines and watching sunsets.
  • I flew 26 flights in nearly 18 months exploring the world and many before and since then.
  • I've climbed Africa's highest peak - Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • I've thrown myself out of a plane twice!
  • I'm a bit of a space, weather & natural disaster geek! It absolutely fascinates me.
  • I've been in an earthquake, category 5 cyclone and a serious tsunami area. And have seen the Aurora Borealis 3 times!
  • I love a live orchestra but also love a hardcore rave.
  • Tom Hanks is a legend and I've seen many of his films way too many times.
  • Havaiana flip flops are life!
  • I lost my Dad as a teenager so really understand and feel the importance of photographs.


I HATE Chocolate!

Controversial I know!!

And that's me in a nutshell, if you feel we would get along great, head over to my contact form and let's get a relaxed zoom call booked in.

This allows us get to know one other more a little more and to ensure I'm the right photographer for your special day.

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Images of me taken by Ditty Lens Photography - Edited by myself (Cherrelle Blake Photography)