Claire and Fabrizio's Romantic, Italian Elopement in Suffolk


I met with Claire and Fabrizio in the heart of Bury St Edmunds, after they had a little secret wedding ceremony. Opting for an intimate elopement at the registry office, with only their 2 of their closest as witnesses, they laid the foundation for their big Italian wedding awaiting them in Fabrizio's hometown back in Italy.

Following their short ceremony, we started with a relaxed stroll through Abbey Gardens, where I encouraged the newlyweds to take a minute to take it all in and breathe. The beauty of the Abbey itself provided the perfect backdrop for capturing relaxed and natural moments. As we chatted, laughed and ran through the quaint streets of Bury, capturing each candid moment, we created a visual memory of their official paperwork day in Suffolk.

We ended up with the happy couple having a celebratory drink at the UK's smallest pub 'The Nutshell' , armed with glass of wine and pint of Guinness in hand Claire hopped onto the bar and Fabrizio wrote on an old Italian Lira note to pin to the pubs ceiling (a big tradition here!) Everything about this just screamed of romance, playful and felt really right for them as a couple.

This timeless, editorial style was achieved by this gorgeous, yet self-confessed 'awkward' couple, allowing me in and trusting me to capture their raw connection, those genuine little glances, natural smiles and stolen kisses.

Claire and Fabrizio's elopement in Bury St Edmunds was more than just a legal formality; as avid travellers unable to stay in one place for too long, this beautiful little town is now engraved into their minds forever as the place they decided to officially marry; a beautiful memory of a significant time in their lives in Suffolk.